Get Nuts Lab

Operated out of Las Vegas, Nevada this is a performance automotive shop unlike any other. With success in both amateur and professional racing circuits we offer over 10 years experience working under pressure, high risk situations. This real-world experience helps us better understand, diagnose, and perfect any project that we work on. Our trained technicians will exhaust every possibility to ensure the end result matches exactly what our clients envision. Reliability, Precision, and Consistency is something we truly believe in.


Custom Fabrication

At the heart of our fabrication and testing facility we specialize in numerous performance automotive modifications such as custom rollcages made to comply with whatever sanctioning event you choose. Not only is it mandatory to have a fully caged vehicle when participating in most motorsports, but your safety greatly depends on it! With technicians skilled in optimal caging geometries and high-end TIG welders, we are more than adequately prepared for the most difficult of requests!

As your vehicle flies down the tarmac or initiates into a turn it introduces a large amount of flex to the chassis, this is where you need more than a simple cage to hold your vehicle together. You need to stiffen up the vehicle to better utilize its suspension and achieve a more responsive machine. Chassis rigidity ranges from adding simple reinforcement bars to intricately designed, stitch welded, and fully gusseted beasts, thats where we come in! How do we know our designs work? Not only do we have the experience and know-how, but we also happen to have a personalized skid pad for shakedown testing! Here are some examples of our work:

We can replace your old worn out engine or swap it out with another one of your choice! You pick the powerplant and we will take care of the rest! Manufacturing the engine/transmission mounts, driveshaft, and supporting mods including the harness! When it comes to styling we also got you covered. Doing in-house paint jobs and performance alignments, we will make sure you get the stance you are looking for! As a reference take look at our world renown vehicles of whom have appeared in numerous publications and automotive blogs!

"So what... you guys replace engines and install cages?"

Not exactly.. we also manufacture our own body kits (Get Nuts Lab Type 3 Aero *cough* *cough*), and more importantly suspension parts! Thats right, we also make customized knuckles for more angle. Up to 60* depending on your application. We can set you up with spacers and custom LCA's (lower Control Arms) to avoid going over center OR we can relocate your powersteering rack! Too much torque?! We can reinforce your subframe as well! That torque paired with your shiny new 12J's can snap quite a few axles too, so we designed 6 Bolt halfshafts that can utilize the stronger 350z axles on your R200 Differential!

Whatever your application is we have a solution for it.

Achieving a properly functional car, and remaining stylish is no easy feat either! There is a balance, a middle ground you can attain, that will get you to this point. Drifting is about much more than just competitions, its about style. If you happen to agree with our philosophy you will fit right in. Remember, Keep Drifting Fun!

Here at Get Nuts Lab we believe in getting to know our clients needs. We pick and prod your brain until we are satisfied with the amount of detail needed to finish your build. Whether you are into grassroots drifting, pro-am events, or professional Formula Drift competitions we will cater to your needs! Ultimately you will receive a service you can be proud of, with attention to detail and unmatched craftsmanship. The quality of the end result will speak for itself.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Our location is 6425 W. Richmar Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89139. Email us at or and make sure to visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter on the links below!


We host an annual drift event at our private track next to our shop, so please follow us on our website and social medias for information on upcoming events! We frequently have giveaways and contests as well, where you can win cool Get Nuts Lab gear and performance parts too! Stay tuned! -Get Nuts Lab Race Team